Concert for Kittens!

Saturday, Nov. 17th @Ivy Room, 

Thunderpussy Forever returns to the stage! 

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Disco Funk

Thunderpussy Forever, started by lead singer Kristin Fairfield in 1998, was, at the time, San Francisco’s finest female fronted disco cover band. After their debut (at a rockin’ house party), they landed a weekly standing gig at Nightclub 181 … and became the house band every Saturday for 3 years. Many clubs were not open to the name ‘Thunderpussy’ and the band was asked to change their name to ‘Thunderkitty’ for marquees and in print. But the TPF brand couldn’t be kept quiet … word would always get out… and by the time a show started, everyone was there to see THUNDERPUSSY!

On a Mission

Thunderpussy Forever continued delighting audiences around the Bay Area and throughout CA and eventually branched out into original music - fully embracing the concept of the infamous name … but this time with a mission.

It is TPF’s mission to help bring awareness to our society’s growing, and ever-changing, struggle with sexuality and gender equality. Although the band’s music is not a substitute for sexual education (well, it might be in some cases…?!), the TPF musicians and performers hope to bring people a fun, positive perspective and a sense of freedom in actively seeking, learning, and celebrating their sexual pleasure.

15 Years

Catholic school girl outfits, corsets and lingerie, chair and pole dances, spankings and striptease were all part of the show. The more theatrical side of the group even included pulpit speeches and poetry over its original groove/funk music naughtiness — keeping its head in the mission and its heart in dancing!

In its 15 years on stage Thunderpussy Forever recorded 40 original songs, made several guest appearances on local radio shows (Sarah and Vinny), was a favorite at Gay Pride in both SF and Oakland, performed in front of 17k people for the Exotic Erotic Ball, and landed a licensing deal for recordings on various TV shows on HBO and Showtime. 


Girl Power Now and Mr. Smith Productions Present: Concert for Kittens! 

Featuring: Thunderpussy Forever and Friends, Frazier and Vicky Sparkle-Tits!

Nov 17, 2018

Concert for Kittens

7:00pm - 2:00am

Ivy Room, Albany, CA

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Nov 17, 2018

Concert for Kittens

Join us for this special evening with TPF friends and family…as we raise funds for the best ‘pussies’ ever… baby kittens! 

Kitten 911 Rescue, a program of PALS East Bay, focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing orphaned and stray kittens. 

To date, the rescue, and its founder Katie Carney (a TPF alum) have rescued over 600 kittens…and counting!

7:00pm - 2:00am

Ivy Room, Albany, CA


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